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Distribution Panel

YOUNG IN designs and produces digital protection panels,
incoming panels, distribution panels, etc.
Our economic and eco-friendly products are applicable to a variety of
general industrial facilities including substations, power plants, and buildings.

Protection Panel
  • Prevention of electrical failures in protected facilities
  • Applicable to buildings, substations, power plants,
    and industrial facilities
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  • Bus protection panel (voltage differential method /
    current differential method)
  • Transmission line protection panel (PCM/PW/Carrier method)
  • Generator protection panel
  • Transformer protection panel
  • Breaker failure protection panel
Incoming Panel
  • Production of incoming panels with high-voltage
    capacities ranging from 600V to 22kV and above
  • Applicable to steel, cement, power plants, substations, semiconductors, petrochemistry, subway, and
    other industrial facilities
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  • MV/LV Switchgear
  • Motor Control Center
Distribution Board
  • Production of distribution panels for voltage below 600V
  • Production of distribution panels for substations, hydroelectric/thermal power plants,
    and other types of plants
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  • LV AC/DC Distribution Board