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Electric Power Equipment

Extra-high Voltage Substation Equipment by LSIS

YOUNG IN has distribution rights for gas-insulated switchgears (GIS) and extra-high voltage transformers produced by LSIS.

Gas-insulated Switchgear (GIS)
  • High stability
  • Rigorous quality control (ISO9001)
  • Eco-friendly processing
  • Convenient installation and maintenance
  • Compact design
Extra-high Voltage Transformer
  • Low-loss technology application
  • Optimal insulation structure application
  • Optimal cooling system implementation
Protection Relay by SEL

YOUNG IN supplies SEL relays, which occupies over 70% of the North American market,
and renews the KERI certification on a two-year basis in Korea.

1. SEL-487E / Transformer Protection Relay

Rapid detection of transformer faults

2. SEL-451 / Protection, Automation, and Bay Control System

Control function for electrical equipment

3. SEL-411L / Advanced Line Differential Protection, Automation,
and Control System

Protection for power transmission line systems and prevention of power outage

4. SEL-587Z / High-Impedance Differential Relay

Protection for core areas of electrical equipment /
Prompt recovery from failure and prevention of escalation / Generally used in 345kV substations

5. SEL-735 / Power Quality and Revenue Meter

Measurement of power generation and consumption at power stations and receiving facilities

6. SEL-751A / Feeder Protection Relay

Basic protective function / Generally used in power systems and distribution systems

Arrestor by NGK

YOUNG IN offers transmission line arrestors produced by NGK INSULATORS, a global heavy electric machinery manufacturer.
NGK is well-known in the insulator and arrestor markets, particularly for its high-quality zinc oxide devices,
which comprise crucial parts in arrestors.

External Gap
  • Compact design
  • Prevention of arrestor deterioration due to
    continuous power supply
  • Convenient maintenance
Polymer Housing
  • Light weight
  • Convenient operation and installation
  • Designed for safety