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R & D Center

YOUNG IN established an R&D Center in 2015
to develop new technologies for smart and reliable power systems
in the fields of power generation, transmission, distribution and substation.

R & D Purpose
  • Development of new technology to bring innovation to electric power industry
  • Development of highly-reliable smart technology
R & D Field
  • Intelligent automation and control technology
  • Abnormal and power signal and system phenomenon
  • Network-based monitoring and analysis
  • Adaptive technology covering changing environments
Developed Product
Power Integrated Accident Prevention Automation System

Next generation SCADA system to prevent power failure

To be improved

  • Integration of fault location feature into distribution line
    for substation ECMS
  • Vapor spray cooling function for transformer
  • Sound analysis function for transformer
  • Fault location feature in transmission line
IED for Protection and Control

IEC 61850-based IED for transformer protection

Substation Automation System (SA)

Comprehensive monitoring, diagnosis and control of substation power facilities

Products to be Developed
  • Protection system for high-voltage DC transmission system
  • Diagnosis system for transmission and distribution facility
  • Power stabilizer
  • Power facility maintenance system using robot and drone